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Sometimes we have the unexpected happen. This could be a small leak in your home, generally it is on the ceiling. Why on the ceiling you might ask? 

Air Conditioning – Living in Houston, unless you like living in a home with out it, your A/C could be a major factor to the leak. Why might you ask? A/C units need to be properly maintained to work efficiently. When the mercury rises, your A/C unit works harder. The harder and longer it stays on means that the probability of it breaking gets higher. It can get clogged and the overflow pan can overflow onto your drywall. For example: Is the leak under your Air Conditioning unit?

Your plumbing is old or malfunctioning and small leaks have started to show up on your drywall. For example: Is the leak under pipes in your attic?

Your roof has been damaged or has been on there far too long and it is no longer doing it’s job. For example: Did you have wind damage done to your home or is your roof as old as time itself?

You could have rodents in your attic trying to get to a water source and the pipes in your attic are very appetizing to them. For example: Do you hear scratching in your attic when you are at home or have you found rodent droppings in your attic?

Sometimes the windblown rain can blow sideways and enter your attic through the roof vents. For example: In the past, did you have wind damage done to your home?

We cannot diagnose these problems. You might need to do some detective work to see which one of these possibilities is the most likely cause. Please keep in mind if you are going into your attic to be safe and not step on the drywall, it cannot hold your weight and you will fall through. If you do not feel up to the task, please call an A/C company, Plumbing company, or a Roofing Company to come out and inspect it for you. They will probably ask you questions to help with your detective work. Here are some companies that we recommend that can help you in your detective work.

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For roofing, we recommend finding a roofer from: Merchant Circle

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