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In most homes built today, the interior walls are made of drywall, an easy to install, repair and finish material that has become ubiquitous in home construction. However, for thousands of years before that, people have been finishing their walls with plaster. Traditionally, plaster would be applied on lath, but today some walls are made of plaster applied to a special kind of wall board called blue board. This board bonds with the plaster and creates a really good wall surface. If you’re considering building a new custom home, it is most likely you will wind up with drywall for your interior walls, but you might want to consider plaster walls if you like a more traditional experience. Plaster is a very durable material for the walls, and there are hundreds-of-years-old homes whose plaster walls are still as good as new.

On the other hand, drywall has not been in use for that long, but it is still relatively durable, though not as durable as plaster. Drywall can suffer from nails or screws “popping” out and creating bulges. It is also more susceptible to water damage, though specialized drywall boards treated for better water resistance are available. However, drywall is less expensive and faster to install than plaster, and because they are so common, you don’t need to search to find someone experienced in its installation.

Having the right drywall installed is your first line of defense. When building a new custom house, you have drywall options to choose from and they’re not all the same. The key is picking the right drywall to start with and then matching it to the right location.

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