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There are 3 main reasons for nail pops.

First and foremost, despite the actual cause of the nail pops, you should know that it is unwise to install drywall using nails. Any professional should know that hammering a nail through drywall is going to break the drywall. Unfortunately, the companies who dominate the market have not gotten this message. When drywall is installed using nails, the only thing holding up the drywall to the ceilings and walls is nails through broken drywall. 

Water damage. When drywall gets wet, it gets soft. On ceilings, it will be noticeable that the problem is water damage because the drywall will sag and have brown discolorations in the immediate areas. On walls, you may see nothing more than nail pops. 

Your home is shifting. If you recently bought a new home, your builder should let you know that it will take some time to settle. You should see most of the settling in your new home within the first year. If you do not own a new home, your home is going to move whenever the ground around it does. This is just something that occurs. If you are starting to see a lot of cracks, you might want to call a foundation company to check out your foundation. They usually give free estimates and they can let you know if it is your foundation or if it is something that is just normal wear and tear on your home. 

Feel free to contact us to set up a time for an estimate to fix the nail pops in your home. Nail pops can be unsightly but they can be fixed. You can contact us by phone or email.

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